I’m in Greece right now, soon to be going to Turkey, in the hot summer months of July and August.  What I’ve noticed is that there are much more girls traveling alone then guys….at a ratio of 4:1 actually.  So I’ve written a few tips and good ideas I’ve used, picked up, or saw others do on my travels – some for girls, some just good tips for both genders.  If you have other tips – add to the list! :0)

  1. Forget the backpack – get something that rolls. You’ll probably be going from airport to hostel to bus to train to hostel etc.  These are all places you can roll your bag too.  You will not be walking up and down the streets with your bags.  Backpack portability rose to fame  pre-suitcases having wheels.  Using a backpack these days is more to indulge the romantic notion  of looking like a “real” traveler than for practicality.  Forget the romanticism…the lack of neck strain will make up for the “girly” look.
  2. The sarong is the answer to everything – cover up, towel, and blanket for those hostels that don’t give you a sheet.
  3. Never take a towel to the beach…lots of sand ends up in it for no reason.  Instead see #2.
  4. Baby oil is also the answer to everything – eye makeup remover, moisturizer, hair gel for those with wild curly hair like mine, and sun tan oil for those who like to burn fast.
  5. Get a good hat (and not a cap – a stylish yet collapsable one)!  They offer sun protection, hair control when your hair looks terrible, style and attitude:0)  And they also make you easily recognizable.
  6. Flip flops you can get wet are a must – makes showers in some of the hostels much more comfortable.
  7. Just in case you still use them – forget travellers cheques!  A mix of credit card, debit, and cash works fine.  If in a jam, use moneygram instead of western union to recieve money…they charge less of a fine.
  8. If travelling for a long time, ask for a “spare” debit card from your bank.  ATMs have sometimes eaten up bank cards.
  9. Avoiding eye contact and ignoring is the best weapon against unwanted male attention.
  10. Buy a sim card of the country you’re traveling too as soon as you land.  It’s cheap, usually just 5 Euro.  You can text/talk cheaper to your heart’s content without roaming charges and all incoming calls are FREE.  Definatley cheaper and more convenient then using a payphone.
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