I was recently asked what inspires or motivates me, and the first words that leapt into my head was a quote from A Bronx Tale, a movie I had seen when I was 12.  The quote by De Niro that has been imprinted in my mind was :  “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent” –  A Bronx Tale.   Ever since I heard them I’ve been very afraid of falling into the routine of daily life and missing out on opportunities.  What a nightmare, to think that I would do nothing significant in my life.  So I guess fear of that reality inspires me to NOT waste opportunities that come along.

Other sources of inspiration are my parents.  All they have done and all they have accomplished and how far they’ve come in their lives.  Of course, that also makes me afraid that I will not be able to provide at least the same, if not a better , life for my kids.  Which would be even sadder if you take into account the head start advantages I had compared to them, because of what they had accomplished in their life.  I’m afraid that would be disrespectful to their efforts in providing us with a more advantageous life, and it’s a high bar they set for us to follow.

My other source of motivations comes from competition.  I always think to myself, wow, if they can do it, so can I.  I just need to step up my game, learn some more, and focus on a goal.  A friendly competitive rivalry urges me to be on top of my game at all times – whether it be in card games or real life.

So summing it up, guilt, fear, and competition motivate me.  Sadly, they are all generally known as negative feelings.  I guess this is an example where two wrongs make a right.  A few negative emotions cause motivation and inspiration.  The end justifies the means. :0)

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