Carleton is really picking up its game, or specific people, like Luc Lalande, of the Foundry Program, are really bringing some great initiatives to Carleton, my alma mater.  The latest?  Bringing TEDx to Ottawa, and more specifically, to Carleton University.

TEDxCarletonU, held at the Gladstone Theatre, will feature some TEDx Videos, and five speakers of very diverse backgrounds, yet all talented and all innovators:  Banu Örmeci, Canada Research Chair in WAstewater and Public Health Engineering; Jim Davies, cognitive scientist and artist; Jesse Stewart, award winning percussionist, composer, improviser, artist, instrument builder, educator, and writer; Maria DeRosa who’s reserach looks at how DNA can be used in nanotechnology; and Manuel A. Báez, award winning architect, artist and researcher.

The goal is to engage an audience of current or next-generation change makers, innovators, and connectors in our community who are passionate about making ides work.

Interested in attending?  The 100 seat capacity limits the guests, so its competitive!!  Registration has just opened up, so let apply, let them know your story, and good luck!

Event Details:

WHAT:  TEDxCarletonU: Ideas Driving Innovation
WHEN: March 20th, 2010 6:00-9:00 pm
WHERE:  Gladstone Theatre 910 Gladstone Avenue Ottawa, ON K1R 6Y4 (613) 233-4523
REGISTRATION:  Application process at http://carletoninnovation.com/tedx/apply/

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