That’s right, TalentBridge will be on CBC Radio 91.5 FM tomorrow during the Ottawa Morning show at 7:15 am!  Julie Ireton, a reporter at CBC Radio with extensive experience reporting on business, technology and politics, has been reporting on some optimistic businesses stories during these recession/Nortel economic times.  You can hear some of her stories at reporting:

Ireton identified TalentBridge as one of these optimistic stories  and will be highlighting TBridge and the opportunities it brings  during a 7 minute segment on CBC Radio 91.5 FM.   She has interviewed Manu Sharma, Business Development Manager at OCRI and the main force behind the creation of TalentBridge; Allan Ifsan, CEO and co-founder of FaveQuest, one of the participating companies of TalentBridge; and myself, Sonia Riahi, one of the five currently in the TalentBridge program.

Tune in tomorrow April 2, 2009 on CBC Radio 91.5 FM at 7:15 am during the Ottawa Morning show!

If you miss it, you can hear it on real player at:  Enjoy!

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