Commiting to a Geographical Location

A large component of TalentBridge is mentorship.  It’s the component of the program that is appreciated the most and yet talked about the least.  So I’ve decided to start a series of blogs dedicated on different mentorship talks/activities I’ve experienced through my time at TBridge. I’ve had a number of one-on-one talks with Manu Sharma, [...]

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Buddy Up: Helping one kid at a time

Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa is looking for your help. Ottawa police chief Vernon White and "A" news anchor Sandra Blaikie are launching the Buddy Up fundraising campaign to provide more kids in need with older mentors. Right now, there's a lit of 160 kids waiting to be placed with mentors, and the Buddy Up [...]

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TBridge Book Club – Freakonomics

There are books that inspire you, books that make you think, and books that are entertaining.  Freakonomics is definitely entertaining, and it makes you pause and think about why certain things happen - whether you buy into the theories/correlations that are presented in the book or not.  After reading The Age of Turbulence by Alan [...]

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Digital Natives Driving Freeconomics

When I was in elementary school we used to have "library class" once a week.  At first it was when the librarian would read us a story and as we grew older it was when we would be taught mundane skills that we only realized were important later on:  how to use an index, find [...]

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Malcolm Gladwell at the NAC

Some days are just good.  Today was one of them.  I started off my day at Zone5ive event on 50 Ideas for using LinkedIn and Twitter for business.  And after that I got to see Malcolm Gladwell speak at the NAC brought to us by the United Way (and then to link the first and [...]

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@RiahiSonia attends #Zone5

There is a lot of  social media hype going around.... GET on the BANDWAGON, include it in your MARKETING STRATEGY, set up a BLOG, a TWITTER account, a LINKEDIN account, a FACEBOOK ....(all caps lock words heard as if on loud speaker).  It's exhausting and just confusing.  Most of those I met during the networking [...]

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Malcolm Gladwell @ the NAC June 11th 2009

As you might now, TBridge started a book club and the first book we read was Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. A week after our review, Stephen Daze comes in during our weekly meeting announcing that Malcolm Gladwell will be at the NAC June 11th and since we had all just read [...]

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TBridge @ TEB – Fuel Industries

As part of the TBridge perks, we get a chance to attend the Technology Executive Breakfasts held the last Thursday of every month.  This month (May 28, 2009) the key note speakers are from Fuel Industries:  Warren Tomlin (President of Fuel Industries) and Mike Burns (CEO of Fuel Industries). Stay tuned for our thoughts and [...]

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It’s all a mind game – Couch potatoes running the MDS Nordion 10K

Eight weeks ago four couch potatoes decided they were going to run a marathon.  Ok not a marathon, a 10K race (to the couch potatoes, 10K or marathon pretty much amounted to the same thing).  They went out to train the first day.  Two of the four barley ran the 3K they had planned for the day, [...]

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Social Entrepreneurship – an oxymoron?

Last Wednesday I went to an Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Development Drinks meeting where the topic was Microfinancing in Canada.  The speaker was Ray Folkins, a management consultant by trade (MM, CA, CMC), and an avid social entrepreneur.  He is currently the co-president of P4 Bottomline (where the P4 stands for People, Planet, Peace, and [...]

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