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TBridge Book Club – Freakonomics

There are books that inspire you, books that make you think, and books that are entertaining.  Freakonomics is definitely entertaining, and it makes you pause and think about why certain things happen - whether you buy into the theories/correlations that are presented in the book or not.  After reading The Age of Turbulence by Alan [...]

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Malcolm Gladwell @ the NAC June 11th 2009

As you might now, TBridge started a book club and the first book we read was Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. A week after our review, Stephen Daze comes in during our weekly meeting announcing that Malcolm Gladwell will be at the NAC June 11th and since we had all just read [...]

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Outliers – In Response to Stephen Daze’s Question

At the beginning of our book club meeting on Outliers, Stephen Daze asked us a question: If we are to believe the theories stipulated by Gladwell in Outliers, what are the skills or opportunities needed to become an outlier entrepreneur? Well that’s an interesting question. Because it makes you have to think long and hard [...]

Initial Thoughts on Gladwell’s “Outliers”

As you know, today we’re having our first book club discussion on Outliers.  I wanted to write down some initial thoughts on the book before our discussion to see if the debate changes any of my original thoughts and impressions. First I’d like to say I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  Gladwell is entertaining to read, [...]

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TalentBridge Book Club: An exciting new initiative

blog-outliers-2Well it's here - our TalentBridge Book Club has commenced! TB has started a business/entrepreneurship book club, and our first book, suggested by Manu Sharma, is Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. It's about the best and the brightest and the most successful. It focuses on where these success outliers came from and the external factors that helped develop them, rather than just focusing on what successful people are like.

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