The Tunisian community of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada came together on January 15, 2010 to rally in support for Tunisia and the Tunisian people. Originally organized as a protest against Ben Ali, one that would be echoed in multiple cities along the globe, the historic changes of January 14, 2010 changed the protest into a support rally.

On Friday January 14, the Tunisian ex-president, Ben Ali, dictator of 23 years, and his family, fled Tunisia in response to pressures from the month long peaceful protests of the Tunisian people and from pressure of the Tunisian army who refused his orders to fire on Tunisian nationals; their mandate after all was to protect the Tunisian people.

The rally was a chance for Tunisians in Canada to sound their voice with those back in Tunisia, to celebrate the historic changes, to further protest the role of the ex-President’s ruling party (RCD), and pay homage to the martyrs and victims of protestors who lost their lives to bring change to Tunisia. May they rest in peace.

Tunis Rally – Ottawa Jan 2011

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