Calling for Nominees for the Premier’s Catalyst Awards

Entrepreneurs, pay attention.  The nomination process is open for Round 4 of the Premier’s Catalyst Awards, a series of awards recognizing excellence and leadership in innovation for both product and service providers. There are 5 awards, each worth $200,000, for five categories: The Best Young Innovator Award - for innovators who have played a significant role in [...]

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The first few hours of #OIC2009

  It's 11:00 pm.  The OIC2009 48 hour competition has been underway for 4.5 hours. The halls of Prescott Residence are surprisingly quiet - the teams are focused, thinking.  Enter the dorm rooms and you find a different story in each.   Room 1 holds a classic scene.  The three team members sprawled around the [...]

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OIC team work: Going from talk to competition launch

I've been working with TalentBridge for a year now, in a couple of different capacities, and have been able to see a number TalentBridge initiatives through - none so swiftly or as efficiently as OIC.  Steve Robins and Will Armstrong, under the direction, assistance and support of Manu Sharma and with the assistance of Amanda [...]

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Finally a Business Competition In Town

For those of you who have sat around and complained about the lack of business competitions in town - pay attention.  OIC is exactly what has been missing from the Ottawa business landscape. An intense, fast paced, business competition focused on innovation, applicability, and execution rather than primarily business plan writing (which is a valuable [...]

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Taking an Initiative Towards Innovation

For the capital of a nation such as Canada, Ottawa brings ‘big city’ caliber with a small-town, homely feel. Amongst its eclectic mix of high-tech, politics and Government driven population, business and innovation are domains that have a large following but are often not recognized or even associated with Ottawa. So how do we bring [...]

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Travel Cloud

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Tips for the Girl Traveler

I'm in Greece right now, soon to be going to Turkey, in the hot summer months of July and August.  What I've noticed is that there are much more girls traveling alone then a ratio of 4:1 actually.  So I've written a few tips and good ideas I've used, picked up, or saw others [...]

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm going on vacation.  My plane leaves at 6:00 tomorrow morning, which means I have to be at the airport at 4:30.  It's 11:13 the night of, I still have to finish packing, print all my documents, pay some bills, clean my room/bathroom, do my nails...etc etc - and instead of finishing all that, I've decided to [...]

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Social Media Breakfast Ottawa – David Crow Coming to Town

Who: David Crow When: Wed July 15th 2009 from 7:30 - 9:00 AM Where: Gowlings, 160 Elgin Street, Suite 2600, Ottawa, K1P 1C3, Canada Cost: $10.00 Registration: eventbrite [...]

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I (heart) being Canadian

Be warned - this blog entry is going to be soppy and cheesy.  I can't help it - I just came back from spending a wonderful day in downtown Ottawa celebrating Canada's 142nd birthday and in short - I love being Canadian. I love that I have Canadian-Tunisian nationality and not feel that that makes [...]

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