Detox – Day 6

Day 6.  Today was a study day.  It was supposed to be my first gym day, but that didn't happen. Everyone always says they're too busy - but it really is a hectic week, and by the way things are going I'll probably end up starting next Monday :0) As for how I feel, same [...]

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Detox-Day 5

Day 5.  I spent the whole day grocery shopping and cooking.  Last week I found myself without prepped food and it made getting through the day so hard.  So today I made tajine (a quiche like dish with canned salmon, parsley, eggs, and feta cheese), *tikka, dahl (yummy!!), veggie soup, *baked zucchine with ricotta (basically [...]

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Detox-Day 4

Day 4.  I have a gathering to go to today - i hope i don't stray...too much :0)  This morning though I woke and really felt a difference when I woke up.  My head wasn't heavy, I was ready to get up and get my day going.  And the energy lasted throughout - no sluggish [...]

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Detox-Day 3

Day 3.  I woke up with no cooked food in the house. The problem with this program is that you can't just pick something up and go.  I can manage, but I'm worried about my dad - with nothing ready he might have tendency to cheat.  And I can't even cook anything today - rushing off to [...]

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Commiting to a Geographical Location

A large component of TalentBridge is mentorship.  It’s the component of the program that is appreciated the most and yet talked about the least.  So I’ve decided to start a series of blogs dedicated on different mentorship talks/activities I’ve experienced through my time at TBridge. I’ve had a number of one-on-one talks with Manu Sharma, [...]

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Detox-Day 2

Day 2.  My dad is shocked that he spent a day without bread.  I'm just hoping I can keep up this Martha Stewart act in the kitchen so that there will always be food in the kitchen.  I made rice and chicken today - waiting to see how they taste :0) What I ate today: [...]

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Dr. Joshi’s Detox-Day 1

Alright-day one.  I'm all revved up.  I've even convinced my dad to give it a shot...we'll see how that goes - he's another fellow bread-aholic.  I'm starting today though I know I'll have to do some minor cheats - there's still some food in the fridge that I can't throw away and that I don't [...]

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21 Day Detox

I came back from Greece & Turkey, with all my walking, and all my swimming, having gained weight.  Let's just say I enjoyed all the delicacies there were to offer :0)  After that I spent 30 days fasting during Ramadan...a month that's supposed to be a detox, but has turned into a month long feast [...]

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Buddy Up: Helping one kid at a time

Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa is looking for your help. Ottawa police chief Vernon White and "A" news anchor Sandra Blaikie are launching the Buddy Up fundraising campaign to provide more kids in need with older mentors. Right now, there's a lit of 160 kids waiting to be placed with mentors, and the Buddy Up [...]

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Pictures from OIC 2009

48 hours, 12 participants, 4 teams, and 2 challenges - and intense and innovative weekend!!!! Below are some of the pictures from the Ottawa Innovation Challange - OIC 2009 that took place on August 21-23 2009 and the OIC 2009 Social that took place on September 11, 2009.  Congratulations to all the participants!!! [...]

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