Refresh of Ottawa’s Economic Development Strategy

Just to show you what opportunities TBridge and a social media presence can bring.  Recently I had been invited  by the City of Ottawa to participate in a steering committee concerning Ottawa's Economic Development Strategy.  The purpose of the committee is to update the city's current long term plan, the 20/20 Economic Strategy, that had [...]

IBM Extreme Blue Case Study Competition

The IBM Extreme Blue Case Study Competition is being held this Saturday January 30, 2010 at Ottawa U.  The competition is open to female undergraduate and graduate engineering and science students and Carleton and University of Ottawa MBA students of both genders. How it works: In teams of 4, you will have 2 hours to [...]

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In the News – Ottawa Steering Committee

A few links of the Economic Development Steering Committee in the News March 2010, Maybor Larry O'Brian's Blog:  Moving our Economic Strategy Forward by Mayor Larry O'Brien February 22, 2010, Ottawa Citizen:  Economic Plan Vital for our Future by Randall Denley February 14, 2010, Ottawa Citizen:   Ottawa Economic Development Strategy is no Strategy at All [...]

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Social Media Game Experiment: They’re Looking for Teams

For a while now a lot of us have been frustrated with the ever increasing plethora of social media "experts" out there and yet the same vague answers that each one tends to give (not all, this is how you sort out the good from the ...not so good) I came across another blog today, Broseph [...]

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Ottawa Summer in 30,00 frames

I'm no photographer, and definitely not an editor, but I do appreciate great videos and I love Ottawa.  This is a fantastic 2 min 15 sec video done by NiWoTa Studios showcasing a summer in Ottawa.  Watch - you'll enjoy it!! :0)   OTTAWA - Summer in 30,000 Frames from NiWoTa Studios on Vimeo.   For those of [...]

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Disintermediated Education

Last Friday Manu Sharma came in and gave us a review of Richard Florida’s talk in Ottawa.  Manu came with high praise for Richard Florida as a speaker and a starter of thoughtful and controversial conversation, which is high praise coming from Manu as he is not easily impressed. One of the points that hit home [...]

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Free: The Future of a Radical Price

I found this video really interesting - all 53:47 minutes of it.  So good, that now, many months later after I first watched it (and if you know my terrible memory you'd be even more impressed) I still remember it and quote some of the examples.  Chris Anderson, author of the book Free: The Future [...]

Did You Know?

Here's an interesting video I found on youtube about the exponential growth of information, technology, and population.  It's a remastered version of a 2006 presentation.  The numbers might be exaggerated (I really don't know if they are) and it might be a bit dramatic, but it does give  some food for thought. So what does it all [...]

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Going to the Ottawa Venture & Technology Summit

The TalentBridge mentoring continues and tomorrow I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the prestigious Ottawa Venture & Technology Summit held at the Chateau Laurier.  Manu Sharma invited me to join their table.  If you haven't heard about it, it's an annual event held by OCRI the purpose of which is to showcase [...]

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Detox-Day 7

Day 7.  So I'm not craving much of anything anymore.  For a couple days now.  But I do get thirsty a lot more often - that's always what happens when I start drinking more.  Energy is still up, even though I had only 5 hours of sleep last night, and no headache.  All from the [...]

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