I’m going on vacation.  My plane leaves at 6:00 tomorrow morning, which means I have to be at the airport at 4:30.  It’s 11:13 the night of, I still have to finish packing, print all my documents, pay some bills, clean my room/bathroom, do my nails…etc etc – and instead of finishing all that, I’ve decided to take a break and blog.  Retarded yes I know.

I’m going to Greece and Turkey for the next 24 days.  I’m excited….and nervous.  I love to travel, have traveled quite a bit, but I always get a little nervous before I leave.  And this time I’m traveling alone…and I really really wish I wasn’t.  But alas, none of my friends could go with me on vacation this time, and if I don’t go now, I’ll never go.  I just hope things go well.  Best case scenario – I go to Greece, make lots of friends, enjoy the beach, fall in love, see the sites, continue on to Turkeyf or more sights, friends, good food and memories.  Oh wait, did I say fall in love? lol  Oh well, that was best case scenario.  And since i’m dreaming anyway, I would also win lots of money on some lottery there while I was in love and on vacation. :0)

But realistically I just hope to enjoy the sights, the beaches, and meet a lot of good people.  And I hope I feel safe.  And that the food is good – I can’t forget the food :0)  And I hope all the horror stories that I’ve heard DONT happen to me (damn Murphy’s law).  So if you’re interested in how this goes (and since i think i have a  readership of 2, a family member and a friend – so I know those readers would be interested) then follow along for the next few weeks on my travels through Turkey and Greece.

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