Eight weeks ago four couch potatoes decided they were going to run a marathon.  Ok not a marathon, a 10K race (to the couch potatoes, 10K or marathon pretty much amounted to the same thing).  They went out to train the first day.  Two of the four barley ran the 3K they had planned for the day, the other two jogged, walked part way, sat on a bench, and waited for the first two to return.  After that first training session there was talk that 10K was way out of their league, that they should instead register for the 5K.  One of the four couch potatoes, known as myself, insisted that if we could do 3K today, where was the challenge in 5K?  We know we can do 5…let’s keep aiming for 10K.

Eight weeks later, on Saturday May 23, 2009,  the four couch potatoes ran the MDS Nordion 10K race. They didn’t break any world records but they did it!  Speaking for myself, the sun and heat were killing me that day (and I think the peanut butter sandwich was not a good idea an hour before the race). At 4K, right when the adrenaline stopped kicking in and I went back to jogging at my usual very slow pace, I saw the elite runners already coming back on the other side of  Colonel By.  Let me tell you – my heart dropped.   But I finished.  I had estimated a time between 70-80 minutes, and I came in at 69.46…right under my goal (woot woot)!

I wasn’t the only TBridger to run the race.  Ammar Riaz also ran his first MDS run with a time of 74 minutes.  Stephen Daze (Executive Director, OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre), a repeat participant, ran the race in 59.09 putting us TBridgers to shame.  :0)

This was a true test of willpower.  Because honestly, eight weeks ago when I was trying to convince the others that we could do 10K, I didn’t even fully believe myself (though you wouldn’t know it by how I was selling it lol).  Even 3 weeks prior to the race, deep down I was still skeptical that all four of us could finish it.  But we did it, and honestly, each one of us couldn’t have done it without the other three.  Because when one of us becomes logical and realistic and realizes there is no way they can run 10K, the others bring the motivation and the pep and the optimism that it can be done (whether they themselves believe it or not).

The lesson is this:  if you believe that someone else truely beleives you can do it, you will rise to the challenge.  It’s all a mind game.  Your body can do…it’s a matter of you letting your body do it.

The four couch potatoes did it, and now we’re hooked – next up is the Terry Fox Run in September.  :0)

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