February 27, 2009 – TalentBridge was one of the sponsors at the annual IEEE Connects held at the Ottawa Sheraton.  It was my first time at this event, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

From a TBridge representative viewpoint, IEEE Connects was a great opportunity for TBridge and OCRI visibility and exposure to both students and companies at the event.   The event wasn’t as ideal for potential candidate identification, as most participants were looking for a full time job rather than an opportunity such as TBridge.  

From a student’s perspective, I think the event was of great value.   There wasn’t a huge number of employers present, but more importantly, the ones that were had positions to offer, which is so valuable in this economic climate.  And the set up makes it easy to meet the employers, as at lest two were sitting at each dinner table with the students.   I saw many friends and fellow graduates that were there to showcase the Ottawa IEEE Gold Chapter (Graduates of the Last Decade).  And I saw some friends and fellow graduates who went to this IEEE event every year as a student, and keep coming back to network for themselves.  When you see the level of support IEEE has from its members, graduates, alumni, professionals, I want to understand why  mechanical engineers (and other engineers as well) do not have such a strong and far reaching support structure?  Or conversely, why more varied types of engineers aren’t  joining IEEE; the value is there for all Faculty of Engineering students.

Kudos to IEEE Carleton for a successful event and a job well done!

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