I just used Prezi.com for the first time.  I just recently was introduced to Prezi.com (thank you Luc Lalande and TEDxCarletonU), and I decided to use it for a class presentaiton.

What I love:

Love it.  Love the very mac-esque blank page freedom.  As someone who loved doing calculus on white printer paper, because the lines got in my way, I find the large white page freeing.  The simplicity is awesome – very intuitive, very small learning curve.  The utter ease of embedding video into the prezi is a god send, none of the powerpoint awkwardness and error messages.  And finally,what I enjoy the most, is the cool factor.  Its just so cool with the zoom in & zoom out effect (and I’m all about cool).

What I’m getting used to:

Funny how you have a great new tool, but you’re still in the old tool mind frame.  I found as I was working on it, I would put myself in a box, just because that’s how I usually do it on powerpoint.  Also, too much for the camera twisting, coupled with quick going through slide, makes for a slight nauseous feeling.

There’s also a lot of self-pressure to be creative.  Here you have a new tool – a blank canvas that will support many of your ideas…only to realize you’re nowhere near as creative as you think you are.  And if you’re not creative…you might as well use powerpoint.  Good thing there are tons of examples to look at “borrow” their ideas from :0)

What’s missing and needs to be incorporated ASAP:

  • Flexibility with font and colour
  • Copy and paste from other sources…up-loading each picture separately takes a long of time
  • The ability to automatically group items – especially items within a frame
  • Music/sound – all the movement makes you crave a sound option

My final grade: Loving Prezi so far and looking forward to using it more creatively.

Here’s my group’s first trial – looking forward to using this tool many many many times.

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