Be warned – this blog entry is going to be soppy and cheesy.  I can’t help it – I just came back from spending a wonderful day in downtown Ottawa celebrating Canada’s 142nd birthday and in short – I love being Canadian.

I love that I have Canadian-Tunisian nationality and not feel that that makes me any less Canadian.   I love that I can travel the world proud to have the maple leaf sewn onto my backpack.  I love that I can travel most of the world without requiring visas.  I love that the worst Canadian stereotype they could come up with is that we’re “naive”.  I love that criticizing the system is seen as a constructive exercise and a form of good citizenship rather than betrayal.   I love that I can enjoy a large crowd celebration like today without concern of safety and/or theft of my belongings.

I love that I have the ability to choose my profession; that I have the freedom to change my goals, to dream big, and have hope that these goals can be achieved – not just because of determination, but because the systems allows dreams to be realized.  I love that the term “you can be anything you want to be” is fact and not myth – that I can one day have been an engineer/businessman/author/humanitarian/teacher etc. without having chosen just one career path.  And I love that the government creates programs, like TalentBridge, to help people reach their potentials.

In short – I love that I am lucky enough to reside in a place where the living  standard is among the top 2%  of the world – and even luckier to be able take it for granted.

I am cognizant of the fact that it taken over a century of planning, building, educating, and international relations to get to where we are today and to get the world to see us and treat us with the respect and courtesy that it does.  So on this July 1st 2009, after enjoying a day of festivities, of cheers and laughs and fireworks with people who can trace their origins from all over the globe, I’d like to give a big thank you to the people that have shaped this country, that are shaping this country, and that will continue to shape this country  into the safe welcome affluent haven that it is.  It’s corny but true – there is no place like home and I’m proud to be Canadian :0)

P.S. –  I’d also like to thank the Fathers of Confederations for forming the union on July 1st rather that the dead of winter. Thank you for letting us celebrate in the summer rather then suffer the holiday in the deep deep cold of winter.

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