The long-awaited TEDxCarletonU has come and gone, and it was definitely worth the wait!

I had an exam earlier in the day, so I had to rush right from the exam room to the Gladstone Theater. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the initial networking event, but thankfully I was able to be there for all the speakers.

I have to say there is some really interesting research going on at Carleton U.  I don’t want to give away too many spoilers of the event since there will be video of it available in 2 weeks, so I’ll just quickly mention my highlights of the night.


  • Alan Neal , of CBC’s All in a Day, was fantastic as emcee.  Highly entertaining and charismatic, he made sure the transition from speaker to speaker to video to speaker flowed amazingly well.
  • “72 children have died from water borne diseases since I’ve started my talk” – Dr. Banu Örmeci.  That’s 72 people in 15 minutes – and apparently solar UV rays are enough to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Maria DeRosa’s has a reat future as a presenter: perfectly delivered, perfectly timed.  Really fantastic.
  • Canadian farmers are wasting 1 billion dollars from inefficient use of fertilizer.  Nanotechnology + fertilizer can solve that.  The next step is to combine nanotechnology + fertilizer + innovation = smart fertilizer. – Maria DeRosa
  • An equilateral triangle mesh that can be used as an expandable, reusable, outdoor building – and it looks fantastic AND it can be rearranged into different shapes each time.  I would also love to see this at the Tulip Festival and Major Hill’s Park. –  Manuel A. Báez
  • Jesse Stewart played the podium…literally.  And then he showed a video of him playing a pizza box…and ice.  A must see in the video when it comes out.
  • “Creativity is our birthright as a species” – Jesse Stewart.  I love that quote – very inspiring.
  • Jim Davies works in the Science of Imagination Laboratory at Carleton University…yes an Imagination Lab.
  • It’s really interesting how people associate certain motions as good or bad (like moving from left to right is good, from right to left is bad), and that all filters in to our imagination…and soon to a computer’s imagination. – Jim Davies
  • And of course the people.   I enjoyed meeting a lot of new people at the event, a lot of whom I had pre-met on line.  “I think i know you from twitter” has become a common introductory sentence.

A truly fantastic event, and I want to thank Luc Lalande and all of his active volunteers for pulling off such an amazing event and being able to create a community around it!

If you can’t wait for the video, and you want more insights on what took place, take a look at the twitter updates:  #TEDxCU

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