There are two times in a year that I try to take stock of my present situation:  New Years and my birthday.  Well, it isn’t New Years, so as you can guess, it’s that time of year again where I realize that I’m getting older and I haven’t done as many of the things as I thought I’d do.

So this year, I’m going to write down my goals.  I heard somewhere that the mere act of writing down a goal significantly increases your chance of acting on it  (I can’t recall the exact percentage, but I think over 60%).  So I’m hoping writing down my goals and doing it publicly in a blog will increase that chance even more – say 90%? Here’s to hoping.  

Professional Goals for the Year:

  • Graduate with a Masters in Engineering Management
  • Obtain a fulfilling full time position where I’m able to keep learning, perhaps in consulting
  • Begin my foray in real estate by purchasing my first property (only applicable if I obtain that job first)
  • Start a business, or at least be fairly involved in the starting of one 
  • Enter TVC and EIEF competitions
  • Continue on as TalentBridge Ambassador 

A short but complex list – guess I should get cracking.  Because another one of my goals is to procrastinate less and do more.

I’ll make sure to update the blog as these goals are slowly but surely crossed off the list.  And as for my personal goals – well those will remain personal :0)

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