For those of you who have sat around and complained about the lack of business competitions in town – pay attention.  OIC is exactly what has been missing from the Ottawa business landscape. An intense, fast paced, business competition focused on innovation, applicability, and execution rather than primarily business plan writing (which is a valuable experience, it just tends to be a little slowpaced for the typical impatient entrepreneur).

Here are the basic three reasons that make this competition stand out:

  1. Looking for real solutions – These are not imaginary, or “life-like” issues.  These are real issues that the participating companies are actully interested in solutions for.  A competition where the outcome is actually useful 🙂
  2. Benbria and ThinkSM.  Two very different, yet both very highly motivated companies.  Benbria is one of the Wesley Clover group of companies (think Terry Mathews) and ThinkSM, a social media consulting firm headed up by Scott Lake, one of the Ottawa social media go-to people.  
  3. Networking and recognition. Benbria, ThinkSM, TalentBridge, OCRI, Carleton University, and the high caliber of participants involved – this is a crowd to know if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, high-tech, and social media and if your interested in becoming part of a high caliber recruitment pool. 

And the beauty of it is that this happens in an intense, 48 hour, fast paced environment, here in Ottawa.  Finally – what we’ve been waiting for!

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