Earthquake hits Ottawa.  Bulding is evacuated.  I have three reactions: #1 – stand in doorframe  (instead go outside due to advice of  @sharamamanu), #2 – call friends and family (phone in building, scratch that), #3 – check twitter for news (luckily @sharmamanu has iphone :0) )

Twitter – not the radio, or cbc, was my go-to source. Never to disappoint, there was already a twitterquake of tweets on the 5.5 magnitude quake that occurred in Southern Ontario.  Southern Ontario was event a worldwide trending topic for a few mintues….there go the 15 minutes of fame.

Who can blame me – look at all the info and laughs I got from the tweets – (many of them found from @erin_bury “The funniest #EarthquakeTO Tweets” – posted literally minutes after quake).

Best tweets:

  1. Great to know that during an earthquake, everyone rushes to Twitter. Screw safety. @pushmatrix
  2. 5.5 earthquake felt like really big construction equipment going by. Thanks, City of Ottawa, for making me numb to impending doom. – @neilhedley
  3. Quebec is finally separating! #earthquake – @philippec
  4. Dear California: You do that regularly? DUDE. – @melle
  5. Blame BP. #quakeTO – @unbrelievable
  6. Fact:  Magnitude of #earthquake was 5.7.  Would have been at least 9.7 if not for $1billion in g8/g20 security. –@keithmcarthur
  7. Widespread disappointment across Toronto at news that it was not, in fact, the epicentre of the quake. – @ivortossell
  8. The earthquake triggered a tsunami in the #G20 fake lake. – @AndrewFstewart
  9. Ottawa government buildings evacuated. Productivity unaffected. – @kylemcinnes
  10. Interruption of St. Pious high school graduation caught on tape:

And the Entrepreneur Award goes to Zazzle who is already selling “I Survived Toronto Earthquake” t-shirts (available for $18.85), as reported by Toronto Life.

quake t-shirt

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