Through TalentBridge I was introduced to Entrepreneur’s Edge (e2) – a 5 day boot camp offered by OCRI offering intensive interactive classes transferring knowledge form seasoned entrepreneurs and experts to new entrepreneurs. 

I was able to attend an “e2 Lite” session last week (May 26, 2009), the condensed version of the main e2 program, hosted by Vitesse and OCRI.   It’s a half day intensive introduction of the main program; a fast paced knowledge dump given by four experts in the areas of:

  • Business guidance on how to define marketable products
  • Guidance on how to build a business
  • Taking a take a tech product to market
  • Raising investor interest and funds

The room was packed and the information kept coming.   The information varied from strategic planning, some of which I’ve heard before, some of which was new insight, to really technical information on financial planning.  Let’s just say you really need the coffee to be able to absorb everything coming at you.   The only thing lacking from such a set up is the chance for more interaction due to the amount of information being transfer in a short period of time – but that is what the complete e2 session is able to offer. 

And did I mention the lite program is offered for free?  Just another example of some of the quality programs available to the new and hungry entrepreneurs in the region – another program definitely worth checking out.

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