Alright-day one.  I’m all revved up.  I’ve even convinced my dad to give it a shot…we’ll see how that goes – he’s another fellow bread-aholic.  I’m starting today though I know I’ll have to do some minor cheats – there’s still some food in the fridge that I can’t throw away and that I don’t seriously think will harm my progress too much – things like tomatoes and peppers.  I don’t think they were ever my problems. I won’t eat the cheese though, or any bread – see I’m dedicated :0)

So here are the Week 1 benchmarks:

Goals:  Improve energy, improve skin & hair quality, reduce weight

Weight: 1X5 (hah you thought I’d put that on the web for all to see?  lol.  I’ll just mention the loss as it happens, if it happens)

Food plan for today:

  • Morning hot water & lemon
  • Yoghurt, honey, banana & nuts and peppermint tea
  • Med. lentil salad – try out the recipe – i’m enjoying it
  • Kale – yummy green leaf with 3x iron that spinch has.  Sautee with onions and add sumac 🙂
  • Pea, mint, and white bean soup – different that’s for sure lol.
  • Gluten free cereal and rice mil for dinner (for dinner – to tired after class to bother)
  • Lots of tea and water


  • none today

How I feel:

Ok – tired.  Going to the bathroom a lot though – not used to his much water.   Waiting to get my energy back. :0)

What I miss:

Bread  :0)

For day by day progress, click here.

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