Day 7.  So I’m not craving much of anything anymore.  For a couple days now.  But I do get thirsty a lot more often – that’s always what happens when I start drinking more.  Energy is still up, even though I had only 5 hours of sleep last night, and no headache.  All from the detox?  No clue.  Tomorrow will be the beginning of week 2 and Dad and I will get on the scale and do a more indepth analysis of our progress.

What I ate today:

  • How water and lemon
  • Yoghurt, bananas, almonds, a little ginger, and honey
  • Green tea with lots of fresh mint 
  • Tajine and zucchini/ricotta sticks
  • Spicy dahl with yoghurt and cumin brown rice – yumm


  • none today – still planning on starting on Monday…next Monday instead of today.

How I feel:

Still more energetic than before.

What I miss:

Nothing really – happy camper :0)

For day to day progress – click here.

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