Day 5.  I spent the whole day grocery shopping and cooking.  Last week I found myself without prepped food and it made getting through the day so hard.  So today I made tajine (a quiche like dish with canned salmon, parsley, eggs, and feta cheese), *tikka, dahl (yummy!!), veggie soup, *baked zucchine with ricotta (basically I just had to finish the zucchine – I’m not even sure it’s allowed during the 21 detox days.  I still feel more energetic than before, as does my dad – so we’ll see.  My dad stepped on the scale and he is 10 lbs less.  That’s impossible in just 5 days so I’m pretty sure it’s just water loss.  Once we have a week under our belt we’ll do an official weighing.

I spoke with my friend who’s trying the same program (though she has been cheating everyday!!).  She said she doesn’t feel the energy yet – in fact she feels tired due to the lack of caffine.  She’s still getting no-caffeine headaches, though less intense then the first detox days.  Also she feels like she’s gaining weight due to all the  nuts she’s been eating.  So far no good results other than her skin is much less dry than it used to be  (I haven’t felt any difference with my skin yet).  So our bodies are obviously behaving differently – but then agian we also have very different body types (also when when we did the test in the book she was a vata and I was a kapha).   I’ll keep posting both our results up. 🙂

What I ate today:

  • Morning hot water and lemon
  • Roibus tea – really delicous stuff
  • Delicious omelette (eggs, ricotta, spinich, fresh basil, onions, salt & pepper) and avocado with honey
  • smoked salmon on a rice cake
  • oven cooked salmon and brown rice pasta with riccotta/lemon/basil sauce.  The sauce is AMAZING on it’s own, but I find brown rice and brown rice pasta eat up flavour so that nothing tastes as strong or as good.  And plus the pasta sticks together.  Anyways, what can you do. I’ll def try the sauce again post detox on regular pasta, but brown-rice needs more obvious flavour. 


  • none today – still planning on starting on Monday.

How I feel:

Still more energetic than before.

What I miss:

Tasting the testers at Costco.

For day to day progress – click here.

*Recipies were made with modifications so that they were detox friendly :0)

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