Day 4.  I have a gathering to go to today – i hope i don’t stray…too much :0)  This morning though I woke and really felt a difference when I woke up.  My head wasn’t heavy, I was ready to get up and get my day going.  And the energy lasted throughout – no sluggish feeling when i walked.  So I didn’t know if this was wishful thinking or real, so I noted it and went along with my day.  On the way to work my dad mentioned the exact same thing though.  He mentioned he slept better at night and had more energy during the day. So it wasn’t just me.  The friend who recommend this program said it would take at least a week to feel or see a difference…well the one thing I know for sure is that they eat a lot less bread then we do, maybe that’s why :0)

What I ate today:

  • Morning water and lemon (not hot water today – no time to heat it up)
  • Yoghurt, honey, banana & nuts
  • Carrots and rice cakes (no time to pack a lunch today)
  • Yummy chicken, and indian spiced cauliflower/pea/onion dish which was at the gathering.  I stayed away from the naan…i didn’t cry.
  • I cheated a bit though…there was some potatoe in the cauliflower dish.  And there was a fondue fountain :S  I only chose banana’s though, and the chocolate was gluten free…and I only had a tiny tiny bit I swear.  Oh I also had black tea (said yes before I even thought about the caffeine component.  And I think I’m getting more sensitive to it, cause I stayed up much longer than usual with just one tiny glass (no milk/sugar though…see, I’m good)
  • Gluten free cereal when I got home since I was good and didn’t gorge at the party.


  • none today – still planning on starting on Monday.

How I feel:

More energy than before.  But also stressed out with school/work and cooking for the detox :0)

What I miss:


For day to day progress – click here.

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