Day 3.  I woke up with no cooked food in the house. The problem with this program is that you can’t just pick something up and go.  I can manage, but I’m worried about my dad – with nothing ready he might have tendency to cheat.  And I can’t even cook anything today – rushing off to work and have a very long day ahead of me.  Don’t know what he’ll do for lunch and dinner :S

What I ate today:

  • Morning water and lemon (not hot water today – no time to heat it up)
  • Yoghurt, honey, banana, cantaloupe (not allowed but I have to finish it)  & nuts and roibus tea (really good!)
  • Green salad and grilled chicken (bought from a store – tastes sooo bland.  Need to find time to prepare lunches)
  • After business meeting we all went out for Pho.  It was still detox friendly lol.  Rice noodles and chicken pho. And lots of green jasmine tea. The only thing that would be wrong the pho and yesterday’s shawarma is the salt levels I think. Oh well, as close as possible to detox friendly…plus I still need to have a social life 🙂
  • Lots and lots of water


  • none today – starting on Monday.  But I did have a 15 minute brisk walk to a parked car. Brisk because it was cold out :0)

How I feel:

More energy than before….don’t know if it’s placebo affect of the starting effects of the detox.  Only time will tell.  Dad also mentioned that he’s slept better these two days than before :0)

What I miss:

Beef Pho – so much taster then the chicken stuff I had today

For day to day progress – click here.

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