Day 2.  My dad is shocked that he spent a day without bread.  I’m just hoping I can keep up this Martha Stewart act in the kitchen so that there will always be food in the kitchen.  I made rice and chicken today – waiting to see how they taste :0)

What I ate today:

  • Morning hot water & lemon
  • Yoghurt, honey, banana & nuts and roibus tea (really good!)
  • Med. lentil salad and lentil
  • The plan was my home made rice and chickn – instead I eneded up going to Shawarma palace after class :0) But I ate only detox friendly food – I had the plate with very little brown rice, no potatoes, chicken, salad, and hummos.  Oh, and some garlic sauce, not sure if that’s allowed, but it was good :0)
  • Lots and lots of water


  • none today – starting on Monday.  Oh, i did walk very briskly for 20 minutes to get to Shawarma Palace…because I was hungry :0)

How I feel:

System is still clearing out and am still going to bathroom quite a few times a day.  Feel light, never bloated.

What I miss:

Tomatoes :0)

For day to day progress- click here.

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