A large component of TalentBridge is mentorship.  It’s the component of the program that is appreciated the most and yet talked about the least.  So I’ve decided to start a series of blogs dedicated on different mentorship talks/activities I’ve experienced through my time at TBridge.

I’ve had a number of one-on-one talks with Manu Sharma, my boss at TalentBridge, about my strengths and weakness and where my focus needs to be.  Those are honestly the bits of information that stick with me the most.  One day a couple of months ago over a coffee he threw out a comment-  “You need to commit to a geographical location for at least the next five years”.

That really stuck with me and I realized I wanted to do too much, too many conflicting things, in the next five years. I want to develop a start-up and in fact am now involved in the development of one.  I want to travel and work abroad. I want to gain technical expertise.  I want management experience.  I want to consult.  I’m flirting with the idea of a ph.D – not a serious thought, but flirting with it.  I want to align my career geographically closer to where my family resides.  I like living in Ottawa. You see what I mean?  Conflicting priorities.

What Manu verbalized might have been a logical and obvious statement – but it was a lightbulb moment for me.  Because I usually have to think of those goals one at at a time, not together, and  that makes it easier to assume that things will all fall into place.  And I know I’m not the only one floating on this illogical yet hopeful cloud – many  of my friends and acquaintances have a large mix of dreams that their hoping will be crammed into a short time frame.  It just isn’t possible, especially if they required you to be in two different geographical locations at the same time.  You need to  re-prioritize what you want to happen first and come to terms that the time frame will be elongated – maybe double the initial time frame.  Maybe triple that.

As was quoted from the e2 course – “serendepity happens to those that are prepared“.  So I’ve been trying to seriously re-evaluate my short-term goals since Manu’s words.  It’s not easy, that’s for sure.  We’re all lucky enough to be standing in front of multiple roads – now it’s just a point of connecting the the roads.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be either/or…it will just take longer then previously thought to do all I want to do.  Just a bit longer.

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