I’m a 20 something year old with no idea what she wants to do with her life.  I’ve graduated from university with high distinction in a technical field that has job potential.  But after working for 20 months I realized that perhaps a 9-5 desk job is not for me.  I took a year off to “find myself”, a notion that I never really bought into.  I traveled and taught Business English and took language classes; all around a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone, but during my year off I did not have that light bulb moment where I realized what it is I would like to do with my life – other than realizing that a life on vacation is a pretty good one.  Of course, a vacation must end in order to adhere to its definition.   So back I came to real life.  I’m starting a masters degree, in a field that is interesting to me, but I have a feeling that I will not particularly like research.  I guess I will know for sure in two years. 

In comes TalentBridge.  I’ve always been interested in business and have a dream of working for myself one day.  Of course I’m one of those cautious types and would like to know and experience as much as possible before jumping into things, especially something as risky as business.   What better way to learn than to be working in a business environment? That’s what TalentBridge lets me do.  I get to go to school in my technical background, and also be immersed in a business environment for 20 hours per week on a job site.  Think of it as a fast track learning program.   

I’ve been with TalentBridge for a couple of weeks now and so far it has lived up to its expectations.  I’m learning about marketing strategies, advertising strategies, networking, etc.   But more importantly, I’m being exposed to the type of personalities that belong in a business world:  people who can sell themselves without being arrogant, people who can convince you they are smart and informed, without seeming pretentious.  These are the soft skills that I’m learning that I wouldn’t be able to learn from a textbook.

Back to how this fits into my life plan, or lack thereof.  Maybe I did have a light bulb moment during my year off, and it was this thought:  that I will probably never be sure about what I want to do.  The best I can do in the mean time is try as many things as possible; try to find value filled opportunities, like TalentBridge, like a masters degree, that will allow me to learn, and give me a more varied background so that when I finally decide on a route, I’ll be ready…hopefully.

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