If you missed our CBC Radio debut about TalentBridge and the opportunity it brings, you can still hear it at:  http://www.cbc.ca/ottawa/features/thewayforward/!  The good news is lots of people have heard it, and already just a few hours later, TBridge has gotten +10 leads from interested parties to the program. 

I never thought I’d be on the radio, nor inside a national newsroom.  Dreamed of it maybe, but never actually thought it would happen.  But through TalentBridge I had the opportunity to do it.  Julie Ireton at CBC Radio met me in the newsroom, the backdrop scene of CBC news – it felt like a scene right out of the movies :0)   Being interviewed for the radio was first and foremost fun, definitely an experience, and a chance to honestly verbalize what I think of this program.   Have I mentioned I love being part of TalentBridge?!?!

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