I came back from Greece & Turkey, with all my walking, and all my swimming, having gained weight.  Let’s just say I enjoyed all the delicacies there were to offer :0)  After that I spent 30 days fasting during Ramadan…a month that’s supposed to be a detox, but has turned into a month long feast every night.  Fun, tasty, but as you can imagine, the result has not been great. I feel slow and sluggish – not at my best.  So I’m going on a detox, starting this Monday.  It’s not a weight loss program – it’s a liver cleanse – cleanisng all the toxins out of the body, cleaning the slate so to speak and purifying the system….

So I have to tell you – I don’t usually buy into these holistic, detox.etc solutions.  Usually I think it sounds like a bunch of crock…that and it sounds depressing.  But I know a family of four and two of their close friends who have done it, and they’ve all had RAVE reviews. They swore they felt better, their energy improved, their hair shone,skin became luminescent, aches and pains disappeared, memory improved, and as a side benefit, they lost extra pounds; it sounded nothing short of a miracle…or the con of a medicine man :0)  But since these are friends and people I know well, well I believed that they believed the results were amazing.  So I figured it was worth a shot and I roped in a cousin and a friend to do it with me.  

So for the next 21 days I’ll be on Joshi’s Holistic Detox, of which the top 10 detox rules are:

  1. No red meat – I can do that
  2. No dairy produce (except for natural yoghurt) – Not to difficult
  3. No fruit (except ripe bananas) – And here I thought fruit was my friend
  4. No wheat, gluten, yeast – this is the killer right here. Bye bye bread & pasta :0(
  5. No alcohol – I’m a non-drinker anyway, this one is easy
  6. No biscuits, cakes, doughnuts – this was expected
  7. No jams/spreads (except honey) – again, not too hard
  8. No coffee, decaf or regular, and no tea (except for green tea and herbal teas) – i’ll survive…i think
  9. No sugar, chocolate or sweets – this will be harder on my friend then on me.
  10.  No artificially produced flavorings: ketchup, vinegar, mustard etc – so what’s to make my bland food taste better?  even mustard? 

That’s the gist of it – combined with the drinking of lots and lots of water (2 litres) and starting your day off with a hot glass of water with lemon in it.  It should be interesting.  So with the detox and my re-introduction to the gym membership I should be a whole new person – a holistically new person – in 21 days.  I’ll tell you how it works out 😉

For day by day progress, click here.

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